What is Cojin?

Cojin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has the main goal to make starting a crypto project affordable. Uses the scrypt/pos algorithm with a maximum of 200,000 POW blocks that can be mined. Cojin is cloned from the blackcoin source code.

Why was Cojin made?

Cojin was made to learn myself more about how cryptocurrencies work, but while I (1NF1N18Y) was making Cojin got some amazing ideas to make Cojin a useful coin in the cryptospace.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to mostly help other crypto projects. How can we help other projects? Here are some examples.

1: Make a crypto exchange with low listing fees.

2: list their coin on Cojinpool that runs 24/7 and uses the earned fees to airdrop investors.

(You can read more about this in the Whitepaper!)


Cojin isn't run by a big company with a big budget. That's why updates and improvements can take long time.

Cojins website, Nodes and Miningpool are being run by me (1NF1N18Y). Because the budget is small a donation could help a lot!
Bitcoin address
Cojin address
Litecoin Address
Dogecoin Address D8F8rwsFchh8GDCCU7Qoi5kx5wbEbfJfg8

Cojin Specifications

Coin: Cojin
Ticker: CJN
Algorithm: Scrypt/Pos
Supply: Unlimited supply
Premine: 700k (is used for airdropping because of algorithm change)
Difficulty change: every block
Target Spacing: 3 minutes
Transaction confirmations: 21
Last POW block: 200,000
rpc port: 18326
p2p port: 18327
No ICO was used.


-Updated wallets-
-Cojin website-



2022 Q3
-Stake pool in discord-
-Cojin back on miningpoolstats-
-Cojin webwallet-
-CojinX beta launch-
2022 Q4



2023 Q1
-Cojin/Harmony pair-
(more will be added while cojin grows!)
2023 Q2


Cojin Wallets

Windows installer

Click on Download for Windows to begin installing the Cojin wallet!

Linux wallet

Click on Download for Linux to begin installing the Cojin wallet!


Coming later this year!